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how can I prevent page-break in smartforms?

thanks in advance.

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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you have page-protection check box for preventing the page breaks.You can set the attributes of text element or table or template using the page-protection in output options.



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Hi veeresh,

can you pls tell me steps to find out as i couldn't find?

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thanks,i got it.

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you can prevent the page -breaks by using the page-protection option in output options in text elements,tables, templates.

If you want two text elements together with out any page breaks,You can group them into one folder and you can put the page-protection for that folder so that the text elements data doesnt have a page break.

Page Protection for Tables


Tables with application data are usually displayed in the main window because the number of lines to be output depends on the amount of data to be transferred. If there is not enough room in the main window, the output is continued on the next page. The automatic page break in the default setting does not take into account whether the current table line has already been output completely or not. A table line that is output over several lines may therefore be on two pages.

Data protection for table lines prevents this from happening. You can also protect several table lines against automatic page break, which is particularly beneficial for the output of multiline tables.

The columns of multiline tables are output on several lines.


You have created a table in the Form Builder and defined your line types.


In the case of tables, there are two options for protection against line break:

You can protect a line type against page break

You can protect several table lines against page break for output in the main area


Protection against page break for line types

Double-click on your table node and choose the Table tab page.

Switch to the detail view by choosing the Details pushbutton.

Set the Protection against page break checkbox in the table for the relevant line type.

Table lines that use this line type are output on one page.

Protection against page break for several table lines

Expand the main area of your table node in the navigation tree.

Insert a file node for the table lines to be protected in the main area.

If you have already created table lines in the main area, you can put the lines that you want to protect again page break under the file using Drag&Drop. Otherwise, create the table lines as subnodes of the file.

Choose the Output Options tab page of the file node and set the Page Protection option.

All table lines that are in the file with the Page Protection option set are output on one page.

Output Options


Two tab pages are available in the Form Builder for nearly all node types: Conditions and Output Options. Output options are attributes that you specify for a node in addition to the general attributes:

The attributes Style, Page Protection, Box and Shading appear on the tab page for all nodes that contain some kind of output on the form. They are optional.

For subnodes of the template node and of the old table node types, there are additional output attributes that you use to determine the cell into which a node is to be output. (See also: Displaying Contents in Cells and Determining Table Contents). These are required attributes.


Optional Attributes of the Output Options Tab Page




Specifies the style used for output of the node and its subnodes. This attribute deactivates any style specified in a superior node or in the form attributes for this node and its subnodes.

Page Protection

This indicator only affects output to the main window. If it is set, the output of this node and its subnodes is printed on one page (as far as possible, at least). For more information on setting page protection for table outputs, see Page Protection for Tables.

Box and Shading

Use these options to put the output of the node in a box and to shade it. You can determine the width and length of the box lines and the grade of the shade. Box and shading is not allowed for a subnode of a table or a template.


Define box and shading for your output node, if required. This is not possible within tables, however. To set boxes and shading for table cells, use the Table Painter.

Use the preview to check your settings.

Page protection. Any output triggered by the node and its inferior nodes must be printed on one page; no page break is allowed.



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plz give in detail how 2 write smartforms coding like what 2 write in global definition, form interface, where 2 write code everything in detail. plz send

Answers (2)

Answers (2)

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see this

Page protection attribute

Switch for page protection.


Page protection switch.

In some cases you may want to avoid that text is divided by a page break. Therefore, you can protect text sections with a page protection.

Page protection can extend to

a paragraph

a text node

all output within a folder, for example, several text nodes combined in this folder.

a line type (table node)

If on the current page there is not enough space left for the protected text, it is displayed entirely on the next page.

So u can page protect a line in table...

in the table node..goto tables tab and click the details tab-->select the line type and check the 'no page break'

check box


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There is pagge break check box on every attribute, be it a window or a folder..

u can just check or uncheck it acc to ur need..