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Smartforms Printing Two Main windows on a page

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    Hi Gurus

I'm facing an issue while printing Invoice Form VF03 (Smartform) that has to show Invoice Line Item Data &

also Customer Copy (Same Data shown in two parts of the page, i.e Main Window Data).

need to print data (Invoice Line item data) on two parts of the page, but while Printing, I have come across an issue, i.e,

I can have only one Main window in a page in Smartform


I cant loop data in secondary window

so that if the data exceed to the 2nd page, I'm not able to display continuous data that is looping to 2nd page, in the secondary window.

The Main Window contents are getting Looped continuous to the subsequent pages, but I'm not able to loop the same data in Secondary window fron First page to the subsequent pages.

Let me know the solution    

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This is not serving my requirement.

I require Secondary window data to be printed continuously, as I cant have 2 Main windows

in one page.

Can I manage this by splitting the records of secondary window by printing say like,

first half records in page-1 sec-window and rest half in page-2 sec-window,

by specifying the same in Row From and To, in the data tab of Table node ??

Let me know.