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Smartform Tablepainter

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Hi to All,

I'm doing some assignment with Smartform,in that i have created Table for printing the line items,

in that it's Printing dynamic horizhontal line as per Document No.

Means ,if Document No. has 2 line item its displaying only 2 rows,and if Doc No. Has 5 its displaying 5 only,but i need Fixed about 30-35 Horizhontal lines with index No.,

Please Guide me Regarding This issue.

Thanks In Advanced

Somnath K.

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Former Member
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Hi Somnath,

If you want to fixed the horizontal lines, its better to go with a template, or if want to display the data using table & also want fixed lines its better first define a template with fixed horizontal line as per your requirement ( make a variable window for template) and after the template use the table( in the main window) only to display the data, that is you have to adjust your table over the template. Overlap your main window and the variable window which you are using for template.

With luck,


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Hi Pritam

Thankx For Helpful Answer

Best Regards

Somnath K.