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smartform table with event tab

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hi generally in tables there will be caluclations tab. iseen a diff table in standard form with a table and insted of caluclation its having a event tab. whats that whats the use. how to create?

thanks & regards

p kavi

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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What u have seen is old table definition.

Now days if you try to create table in smartform u will not be able to create this type of table.

The tab EVENTS is for printing settings of header & footer.

If you check both header & footer boxes u will get both in table else only selected.

Also u can select when to print header / footer by checking boxes -

1. at start of table / at end of table -

by checking this box Header /footer will be printed at start / end of table resp.

2. at page break -

by checking this box header / footer will be displayed at each page when new page is triggered. If uncheck then header / fooeter will be displayed only at start / end of table and not on each page.

Hope this info will help you .


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