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Smartform subroutine

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Hi to all

Please Help me Regarding This i Have to convert integer value into Text format , in smartform

how to call Function Module in Smartform or how to call subroutine from smartform?

Please help me regarding this.

thanks In Advancd

Somnath K.

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depends on from where in the smartform you want to call it:

1. Define subroutine globally. Do this on the first screen where you define the interface, global variables etc. There is also a tab with subroutines. In here you define a FORM xxxx ENDFORM. You can't do this via forward navigation. On other tab call this subroutine.

2. Insert a piece of coding right there where you need it just like you would when adding a table. Right mouse click on object in tree on the left and add coding. In here you can do whatever abap you want.