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smartform prob

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i am doing a smartform using 'select-options'. i am passing the select-option as a table to my smartform.

i am getting the function module name of sform in get_sfname.

call function get_sfname.


t_vbeln = s_vbeln.


*i am using structure 'selopt'.*

in smartform ---> form interface: tables:

t_vbeln like selopt.



but i am getting a short dump. doing error analysis it shows dat thers sumthn wrong in passing the select-options as tables.

pls help.

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Answers (5)

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Hi Saurajit,

Hi for passing the select option , you can use RANGE TABLE TYPE.

This is just like creatin a table type in SE11. But additionally we have to choose EDIT->Define as range table type.

Automaticall you will find separate columns for sign , opt , low and high.

One can go for a predefined data type or any line type.

try this and let me know

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passing select options has never been a too good idea. You need a dictionary type just to be able to declare the parameter correct. Well it would work if you did yourself a dictionary type oof range of vbeln. But it is much easier just to pass the internal table and build yourself inside a new range.

data: lr_vbeln     type range fo vbeln,
      lrs_vbeln   like line of lr_vbeln.

lrs_vbeln-sign   = 'I'.
lrs_vbeln-option = 'EQ'.
LOOP AT itab INTO wa.
  lrs_vbeln-low = wa-vbeln.
  append lrs_vbeln to lr_vbeln.


Edited by: Florian Kemmer on Jul 29, 2010 12:52 PM

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Why do you want to send the select option?

Instead read the data into a internal table and pass it to the smartform.

e.g use internal table of type vbak, populate the internal table.

in smartform u can then refer the table type to vbak.

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There's maybe type not compatible with your select-options and table in smartforms. Please try to create a structure (i.e. ZSELOPT) with:

SIGN type char1

OPTION type char2

LOW type vbak-vbeln

HIGH type vbak-vbeln

then use this structure for your form.

I think there is a solution for this in forum, please search for your reference.


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If you check the structure SELOPT, the fields LOW and HIGH are Character with length 24, whereas when you say s_vbeln (hoping you are referring to VBAK-VBELN), s_vbeln will be created with LOW and HIGH character with length 10.

Size is not compatible here. You cannot use SELOPT