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smartform output more than one copy

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Hi expert.

I have a problem and need an advise to resolve.

I create smartforms with driver program, i use control parameter in driver program to specific copy = 1 and show preview page immediately . after execute,preview page shown output just 1 page.

first click at print, one copy receive and page preview still on screen. but in 2nd and 3rd click , i receive two copies and three copies in order.

what i can do to resolve this problem.

i use this code in driver program.


control TYPE ssfctrlop,

control_parameters TYPE ssfctrlop,

output_options TYPE ssfcompop.

control-preview = 'X'.

control-no_dialog = 'X'.

control-device = 'PRINTER'.

control_parameters-no_dialog = 'X'.





call function lf_fm_name


output_options = output_options

control_parameters = control

user_settings = ' '


formatting_error = 1

internal_error = 2

send_error = 3

user_canceled = 4

others = 5.

point for any useful advise.



Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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This is because when you click fprint first time the spool is genertated and printer recives the print command and you get the expected results.

Second time when you click again the print button again the new spool is generated and as same printer receives print command and prints the previous spool and present spool because of this you get the two prints and same for the Third time aslo.

Pass X to OUTPUT_OPTIONS-TDDELETE this shpuld work.

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Thank you Avinash. Problem resolve.

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