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smartform output display ##

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i have smartform wherein i have variable to display in hindi language i have done the below steps to get the font display

1) hardcoded the hindi language text to variable in initialization tab in global definitions.

2)in text node defined variable as field

3)set the smartstyles to hindi font

4)in print preview selected the designated printer for font

problem is in output smartforms display as ##### in output .

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for all printers ?

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There are many notes in SAP Support to help you understand, troubleshoot and fix. As you have #####, it looks like a code page issue with your printer setup.

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hi venkateswaran.k,

the printers are correct,

the rest developed smart forms are printing in hindi font

even converted to pdf and checked same issue

smartstyle has been maintained mangal font

i guess any smartforms settings needs to done

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Okay, Then check the smartform which was working. - While printing what is the device type they are using. Use the same device type while printing.

1. Are you using the same smartstyles in your smartform ( with respect to the smartform which is working correctly)?

2. Are you using the same device ( when you print smartform - which will ask you to select the device like LPD, etc.)

3. Is this happening for all users?



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One Important question Sudhir,

Is this smartform developed in Original language ( English or Hindi ).

This makes the difference. Because I have same issue with arabic.

1. If you have created the smartform in Hindi (logged in as Hindi) and developed , Then if you type hindi texts it will be save and displayed correctly.

2. If you open the form in Enlgish and maintain the text in hindi, it will display ### or some junk

Please look into this also.

Either the device you are using is not supporting the font or Original Language on which the form is developed that makes the difference

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the working smartforms is developed in original language as english and maintained hindi text

the output is displayed properly in hindi font

whereas Even I have maintained the same parameters but output is ####

what is problem i dont know

one smartforms working means the device is supporting font

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I still believe the problem is in any one of following:

Do the checks as follows:

1. You copy the hindi text in Excel and reupdate here.

2. Check the Smartstyles used in the form editor <TH> etc.. (compare with the smartform which is working)

3. Please show me the Popup screen for printing when smart form Print preview option (I want to check the device name)

4. Is this happening for all users?

Kindly upate,

Please provide the screenshot of the smartform editor and device option