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Smartform New Text element Editor

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I created different styles with different paragraphs and different character formates.

But how i will add this to the Smartform text editor.

If i have 3 paragraphs in Style.

I give the style name in Output Option of the Text editor.

But i want assign one paragraph from 3.

Where i will give and how it is work.

In previous i have the another editor not the MS-WORD format. So in that i give the Formates what ever i want. But the Editor changes then i did not understand where i will give the Paragraph format for the Text.

Can anybody tell me about this to over come this problem.

If possible tell me how to change the Editor of the Text Element.

I do not want MS-WORD. If i want previous one how it will get.

Thank You.

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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First of all you need to assign the SmartStyle to the Output Options tab.

If you want to make your style effective for whole form, than put it into Form Attributes > Output Options.

If you want to make it effective for some text node, than assign to Text node > Output Options.

To get the Normal Line Editor,

Select the Text Node,

Press the button "Txt Editor". Left Top button in the General Attributes tab of the Text node.

If you get the MS word like editor here, than Go to > Change Editor.

If you want to have the Normal Line Editor every time than

In the Text editor itself

Go to > Configure Editor

Deselect the "Graphical PC editor" checkbox.


Naimesh Patel

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