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SLD trouble after the dual pack split for solution manager 7.2 SP3

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I have upgraded the solution manager from 7.1 to 7.2 successfully and done the dual stack split successfully. Now the issue is that the SLD on the target java cannot auto register to the SLD which is residing on the very same java instance. The source which is now only java is able to register. The SLD Data Supplier and Client are updated with the url: host:<port>:/sld and it ping successfully. When executing the "collect and send" it fails with the target URL:

http://host:<port>/sld/ds, Status: 403, Message: Forbidden.

You will notice that the ds was added on the target URL which puzzles me. In my opinion this is the reason solman_setup is also giving issues of CIM when running the phase LMDB Sync, ofcourse LMDB sync from SLD which is not working right here.

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Hi Mayank,

The user have all the SLD roles assigned.