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SLD Design Time vs SLD Runtime

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Can anyone let me know the difference between SLD Design time and SLD Runtime?

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Accepted Solutions (1)

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Below Blog explains SLD at design time and runtime

Below two PDFs gives you in-depth details about SLD.

Below is some info which will be useful for you...

Design, Configuration, and Runtime

The implementation of a collaborative process [Seite 10] is split into three phases:

u2022 During the design phase, you document the entire collaborative process and determine

which interfaces are required. You can either define new system-independent

interfaces to implement at a later point in time (outside-in development) or work with

functions that already exist in the systems (inside-out development). In this phase you

design the logical collaborative process by describing in a specific role the message

exchange between the application components. This description is still not specific to

any particular installed system (see also: Design Time [Seite 4]).

u2022 During the configuration phase, you configure your collaborative process for a specific

system landscape. For example, you define conditions for the message flow and select

design objects that meet your requirements. (See also: Configuration Time [Seite 6])

u2022 The configuration data is evaluated at runtime and controls communication. You can

monitor the message flow by using a central monitoring.

This three-stage process is reflected in the architecture:

Design time and configuration time each have a central data storage point providing an

overview of all data that is relevant to the cross-component process: the Integration

Repository and the Integration Directory respectively. To edit this data, you use a single

tool, the Integration Builder. The content of the Integration Repository and Integration

Directory is known as collaboration knowledge.

u2022 The Integration Server is the central u2018distribution engineu2019 for messages [Seite 14] at

runtime. All systems that use the Integration Server to communicate with each other

use this server to exchange messages. These systems are referred to as business

systems at a logical level; within a specific system landscape they are called technical

systems or communication parties. Using the configuration data from the Integration

Directory, the Integration Server decides to which receiver or receivers it must send the

message and whether a mapping needs to be executed beforehand.

for more info refer to the below PDF from Page Nos 6 to 9...



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