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Skip DELETE in HANA but update the records with a 'D' flag

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I wanted to SKIP the delete operation in the source to be replicated to HANA but at the same time, want the record in HANA to be updated with a 'D' flag (to identify that the record has been deleted in source).

I followed the blog which solves only the first part of my requirement.

So, what I did is, instead of skipping the record, I changed the operation flag to 'U' so that the delete is converted to an update in HANA with the additional field specifying the delete flag.

But the flip side to this is, though the record is not getting deleted in HANA and has the flag updated, it also updates all non-key values with defaults !!! Which is not helping as I am losing data

Any inputs are appreciated.



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Hi Deepti,

I'm not surprised by this behavior. In your case I will have a look to the 1:n replication functionality (which I never test). By replicating your table into 2 different Hana tables. You should be able to keep all informations (deletion flag and attribute values of the deleted record).

One table will contain all records, even deleted (with a skip records on a deletion operation) and the other one will set the flag to 'D' in this case (your current rule).

By building a view on top of this 2 tables, you should be able to do what you want.