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Hi all,

We are planning to apply ehp3 on our ECC6 linux systems.

Any impact (of ehp3 or ehp4) on current hardware, if yes, how to do the sizing. .

I thought of doing sizing for Ecc6 with ehp and compare the existing hardware to find the delta.

I have gone through sizing

but the there is no such selection like ehp or even ecc6 under ERP.

Any idea please . . .

Thanks in advance . .


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what are you going to do with the enhancements? do you plan to activate lots of business functions for thousands of users?

in this case you should strengthen your hardware 🐵

when you implement ehp 3 nothing changes. the enhanements are inactive - the system doesn't look different and doesn't need more resources. that may change if you are activating some enhancements...

is there any special reason to not upgrade to ehp4 or 5 (if released to customer)? maybe nw 7.01 could be a reason...

easiest way is to upgrade to a newer one - it will save you future costs for an ehp upgrade.

regards, martin

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Hi martin,

Thnx for response. Yes the purpose of enhancement package is to activate the business functions in particular to IFRS reports.

Any way we have about 1200 users

I understood from your reply as far as business functions are not activated there wont be impact on the system.

But my requirement is yes we need to activate the business functions and how to go ahead with sizing???

We are trying to convince client to go for ehp4 instead of ehp3 (We haven;t think of ehp5 as it is recently released, i believe).

Can you thro some light how to sizing with ehp . .



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can you write down the business functions you want to activate?

At the moment i do not think that you need to resize your system because of IFRS reports.

Activating EhPs does not mean massive performance needs of your system - it's just new functionality. New transactions, reports, tables... maybe some table will be altered.

Lots of the sizing depends on your current situation - are there already bad response times? Then you have to think about a sizing - but not because of ifrs. Because of the bad overall performance.

I do not know lots of things about the IFRS business functions, but i think the impact on the systems performance is not as big as you think. Do you have a system to test the activation?