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Size limit of result set exceeded+Analysis for Microsoft Office

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Hi gurus,

I have installed new microsoft excel-2013 latest version and Analysis for microsoft office version i take a report with more than 65000 rows,i am getting an error of "Size limit of result set exceeded" every time.I haven't uninstall old Bex Analyser,so i am still using that and there is no error for that.

I got one useful answer in one thread,like registry editing ()but i am not able to find in my client PC.Is this settings in the server side?.




If it in the client side,this is not a solution for all business users (we have around 2000 Analysis users).

Is there a permanent solution for this?Please help anyone?



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Hi Aby,

Please check;

If you can't find the location in your registry check the 32-bit Operating System solution and the 64-bit Operating System solution of above error fix.

Also besides this registry fix (which is actually a workaround and not a permanent solution as it is decreasing performance) you can adjust the max amount of cells on e.g. SAP BW side.

But in all cases users need to restrict their report output in some form!! Analysis for Office in general is used to report on aggregated basis, not to show 600.000 records in a full Excel Sheet.



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hi patrick,

it seems that document have deleted when i click on your given link...

any way thanks for your support...


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Hi Aby,

You can check where your analysis for office is checking the data cell limitation so please check the following steps. Once we need to know if analysis is not using the value that you have defined in BICS_DA_RESULT_SET_LIMIT_MAX let's do the following:

1.Reproduce the scenario in Analysis for Office recording a backend trace;
2.Enter this trace in your RSTT transaction;
3.Click on display;
4.Click on program module BICS_PROV_GET_RESULT_SET and hit "Parameters";
5.Check the tag <I_MAX_DATA_CELLS> to make sure Analysis for Office is using the 3 million value that you defined.

If you find the 500.000k value on this tag, you can do the following to know how many data cells are being retrieved from your backend:

1.Run transaction SE37, BICS_PROV_GET_RESULT_SET
2.Set an external break point here:

  IF e_state = cl_rsbolap_qv_result_set=>c_state_data.
*   Result set size
    e_n_rows    = l_r_rs_rows_axis->n_sx_axis-setxx_size.
    e_n_columns = l_r_rs_columns_axis->n_sx_axis-setxx_size.
    l_n_data_cells = e_n_columns * e_n_rows.

IF i_max_data_cells = 0 OR i_max_data_cells >= l_n_data_cells.

3.Reproduce the scenario in AO
4.Check the value in >> l_n_data_cells

This value is the number of data cells that Analysis for Office is trying to retrieve from your backend.

Diego Ferrary

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Hi Abby,

There are two ways to increase amout of cells and also depends on version of AO you are using.By deault AO take into account BICS paramets in backend (normally this should be 500K).

1. AO 32 bit MS 2013 32 bit can possible retrieve data about 2.5 mil. data cells (still it gives more data cells of Bex 7.x Analyzer where is max limit is 750 K cells)

2. AO 64 bit MS 2013 64 bit can possible retriece data about ~ 10 to 13 mill. data cells.

Permanent fix: Update RAADMIN parameters as per your requirement with reg setting " ResultSetSizeLimit"="-1"

Pros: Not required to update any registry settings.

Cons: It impact on 7.x WAD's (Java engine) and producing more results which cause performance issues in BW system.

Temparory fix: Recomende user group to change registry setting ResultSetSizeLimit"="xxxxx"

Pros: No impact on BW system globally and 7.x WAD reports.

Cons: User should have knowledge how to change registry settings.



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Hi Abby,

I would recommend to read this WIKI article:

Analysis for Office Result Limit and Memory Consumption - Business Intelligence (BusinessObjects) - ...

There is also a limit in table RSADMIN (also described in the link above), maybe this is smaller than you expect and it must be increased?

Btw.: What is your Windows Version? In Win 7 this registry path is correct!

Best regards,


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Hi Aby - is it possible to install Analysis once on a Citrix server, so you can make the change once for all users?

We have done this for other types of viewers.  We haven't for Analysis Office because not all of our users are licensed for it.

I have heard some companies have done this at conferences