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Single Sign on Issue

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Hi All,

I have a single sign on scenario:


I have a portal that is running on J2EE server 1(NW04s: 7.0 SP 😎

I have a Business Layer (Provides webservices and consumes webservices from the ERP System) in J2EE server 2 (NW04s: 7.0 SP 😎

The ERP system running on a SAP Web Application Server. (ECC 5.0)

The process that I followed is as follows:

1. I have the Public key of my portal (J2EE 1) in the J2EE 2 system. The trust relationship is done between them

2. I have the public key of the J2EE 2 system in the ERP system and the trust relationship is built between them.

3. In the Visual admin of the J2EE 2 I create a destination to the ERP system and make use of the Logon ticket there.

4. In the EJBs I have a JNDI lookup and do the connection to the ERP system via JCO and execute the BAPIs.

The problem is that if I use Logon tickets it does not work and I end up in the RFC_LOGON_FAILURE exception that says that the name or password is incorrect. If I use the Assertion ticket in the Destination properties it works fine.

Has anyone faced a similar issue before and has a workaround other than using Assertion tickets?

I would appreciate if anyone could let me know what is going on?

Best regards,


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Use SSO for this type of logins instead of certificates.

Certificates require fully qualified domain (FQDN) name to be implemented. Chek if you have a domain name.


Sukanta rudra

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Yes we do have a domain name and it is a qualified domain name and all the systems talking to each other have the domain names specified in the hosts file in the windows directory. We are using SAP Logon Tickets and to use this we need to put the certificates in the right systems so that the trust is established.

Best regards,