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Simple Value Help on DropDown via KeyValue leads to short dump after select

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I did not succeed in preparing a value help via a key-value table.

Although the DropDown Box shows the entries of the table correctly when selecting (note: onSelect action must be existent) there occurs an error that states that the selected key does not exist. Nevertheless the key does exist, mapped by the set_attribute_value_set method..

Can anyone of you make things more clear for me?

The coding is more or less a 1:1 copy from code that can be found in the sappress book as well as on the internet - only slightly adapted.

I would expect a use-and-forget approach: use the set_attribute_value_set method once and no problems from then. Is it perhaps a bug? I was not able to find related SAP Notes for this.

Find code and error message below.

Best regards,



method WDDOINIT .

DATA: l_node_info TYPE REF TO if_wd_context_node_info,

l_value_set TYPE wdy_key_value_table,

wa_value_set type wdy_key_value,

lo_node TYPE REF TO if_wd_context_node.

lo_node = wd_context->get_child_node( 'NODEXYZ').

l_node_info = lo_node->get_node_info( ).

SELECT * FROM zzt_xyz_ber INTO ls_xyz.

wa_value_set-value = ls_xyz-bezeichnung_lang.

wa_value_set-key = ls_xyz-id.

INSERT wa_value_set INTO TABLE l_value_set.



name = 'ATTRXYZ'

value_set = l_value_set ).



name = `ATTRXYZ`

value = 5 ).



Der Wert selectedKey = "5" der DropDownByKey mit Id "DDK_BERICHT_ID_DETAIL" existiert nicht in der Werteliste und ist auch nicht initial

( The value selectedKey = "5" of UI Element DropDownByKey with ID "..." does not exist in the value list nor is it initial )


Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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name = `ATTRXYZ`

value = '5' ).

put 5 inside single codes


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Hi Abhi,

thank you for your quick reply and help.

Unfortunately, the solution does not help. The dump is still the same. In fact, you can even let go the attribute setting at the end (lead selection) and just set the initial drop down selection by hand (mouse click).

It seems like the drop down fields knows what items to list but afterwards forgets these items when having been selected... 😮



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