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Why is there multiple content which is considered relevant for joint venture accounting? i.e. joint venture accounting for Oil and Gas is a good example and has the following 3 flows: 1) MFS-50-10-20 - Operate JV Set up, 2) SSC_JVU_01 Setup up Operated Joint Venture Operations, 3) 3FS-06 - Create Joint Venture? Which one should we use?

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The multiple content available for joint venture accounting is because SAP provides multiple ways to set up and perform joint venture accounting based on different business requirements and scenarios.

The MFS-50-10-20 flow is used to set up joint ventures for the purpose of tracking expenses and revenue between multiple companies. This flow is commonly used in industries such as Oil and Gas, where multiple companies come together to work on a project.

The SSC_JVU_01 flow is used to set up and perform accounting for operated joint ventures. This flow allows for joint venture partners to be set up as customers or vendors, and tracks transactions between them.

The 3FS-06 flow is used to create joint venture contracts. This flow is commonly used in industries such as mining, where joint ventures are created to explore and develop mineral resources.

In order to determine which flow to use, you should consider your specific business requirements and scenario. For example, if you are working in the Oil and Gas industry and need to track expenses and revenue between multiple companies, you would likely use the MFS-50-10-20 flow. However, if you are setting up an operated joint venture and need to track transactions between joint venture partners, you would use the SSC_JVU_01 flow. It is recommended to consult with a SAP consultant or expert to determine the best approach for your specific business requirements.