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Signavio and Solution Manager

Good evening.

Seeing now how Signavio works, I see a big limitation in Solution Manager's Solution Documentation. What is the approach SAP is taking to eventually stop improvements in SolMan's SolDoc for the companies to move to Signavio? I mean, are they both planned to live in parallel, receiving SolMan a little enhancement here a little enhancement there, but never scheduled to reach the capabilities of Signavio? or will SAP slowly and steadily move companies to use Signavio instead of the limited SolDoc, which only advantage I see today is that due to the branch concept, deployment of new BPs only happens as developments are promoted to Production. In other words, the releasing of final BPs is a different concept in SolMan compared to the governance in Signavio. Is there going to be a single solution at the end of the road, for all?

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Hello Juan-Carlos,

Two things, maybe for this...
1. Add a Solman or ALM tag to this

2. Where does your question stand in terms of Cloud ALM, is that coming relevant for you? Maybe another tag to add?

Just a thought, I'm not sure on your environment.

Best Regards, Wallace

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Hello Juan-Carlos,

I do not agree with you - because we have to differentiate the term "Soldoc" versus "Business process management".

  • Yes Signavio can do this BPM part better, deeper, more holistic, .... I'm a big fan of the whole Signavio tool set's.
  • But Soldoc is much more than this - I would say there is no further tool available (also not CALM; Jira; ...) which can document deeper your customization settings than Solman - and the best thing: to compile (automatic) all your process settings of your specific process scope's (I call it the perfect "SAP S/4 Configuration Guide", and create the foundation of all ALM tasks/contents ==> finding ALL ORIGINAL's that's the challenges.

Only for illustration:

Cheers Thomas

Many thanks for your ilustrated answer Thomas.

Learning Signavio, there is a chapter about customer experience and the need to optimize that experience so that happy customers promote the company/product/brand; there is a better adoption of new products in the market, customer loyalty increases, etc.

On the other hand, all the insights and minining areas focus on reducing costs, ensure compliance and standardization; analyze business inneficiencies, etc.

After all the approval process in Signavio's Collaboration Hub, which involves different individuals or teams, there is a published BP as final version, but that is not the end of the story. Now it is needed to move the BP to SolMan's Development, Maintenance or even Design Branch, to then begin a new internal process to release the BP to Production, that if SolMan's SolDoc uses ChaRm, makes it even a longer process.

If one of the core Signavio's selling idea is to reduce costs and save money to the companies, I see here in this Signavio/SolMan exchange a big, huge cost increase for the company in, e.g. consulting/employee hours, redundant technology, etc.

Honestly, if SAP wants to find case where savings can be introduced, it might be this is one I mention. One of the two has to yield for the sake of productivity, efficiency, cost savings, etc.

I have been a SolMan user for more than 10 years and I respect the effort SAP has placed in the tool, but at the same time, this topic is not just to criticize, per se. Okay, SolMan was first before Signavio arrived into the scene, but there should be a single source of the truth in this arena of BP management, eventually.

As an example, SAP decided to shelf Solman's ITSM for the ALM Cloud as they realized/recognized companies were using other tools to do the job, like ServiceNow or Remedy and it was worthless the effort to continue pushing customers to use ITSM or for SAP to keep it alive. ITSM had to yield.

That is my point. Today there are two self declared single source of truth: Signavio and SolMan's libraries and processes. It should not be like that in the future. My opinion.

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Hello Juan-Carlos,

in general, both tools will continue work based on SAPs maintenance strategy (2027 for SAP Solution Manager 7.2) and co-exist in their area. Please keep in mind that Solution Manager is not only about Solution Documentation. Moreover, it’s about the application lifecycle management (ALM) in the phases of discover, prepare, design, build, test, deploy and operate. Especially in design phase it makes sense to use the power of both tools. Therefore SAP Signavio reworked the integration into SAP Solution Manager 7.2 which will give customer opportunity to make use the best of both world.