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Signature on F110 check printing

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hi gurus,

We have problem with our AP check printing.

The printer has chip where our CFO's signature resides. And when you print the check from Production System, it prints the signature. But when you print the check from Development and Test system, it Prints an exclamation mark.

Now we have to move to the new printer, we are just changing the network cable to move from old printer to new printer.

And trying to print the signature from Production system to new printer but its still giving an exclamation mark.

New printer also has chip with CFO's signature.

Our Sapscript and Print Program both are copy of standard program and then added some code in there(customized), but in both i dont see any code where it differentiate between systems and prints the signature.

I am debugging only the customized code not the standard code.

Do you think signature printing (based on system) can be in standard code? or in SPRO settings? or in custom code (and i am missing that)? or in Printer setup or any other place which i could not think of???

Please help!! printer needs to be changed by next week.

Any suggestion would be helpful.

Thank You!!!

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Answers (1)

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I think it is to do with your Formats for the device type of the printer. This is what you can do to check.

1. Transaction SPAD, input your output device name and click Display

2. Menu Goto>Device Type

3. Click on the button Formats

4. Double click on the device type your script uses

5. You should be in the Formats tab with several Actions listed, some with green Status (Printer Initialization, Reset after exit, Start of Page, End of Page, End of line....)

6. Double click on Start of Page (it may be different for you but for us it was start of page), you should see some wierd one line commands (these are PCL - printer command language), compare this between the system where it is working and others and replicate as needed...

Hope this works! and its not too late!!

Good luck,