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Signature on Chcek Print

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Hello Experts,

As we have to support mutliple country's SAP Systems, We have different landscapes. There is a new requirement to add signature on Check Priting Form from country A. We have already implemented this functionality in other country's landscape(which was implemented 10years back). So when I looked at the SAPScirpt(Z_PRENUM_CHECK) to see how it was designed, there is a window for Signature.

Before looking at this Text-Element, I had expected that they would have uploaded a .tiff file of signature and used it for printing.

But the text-element for this window is:

OA   !"#$%&'()*
OA   +,-./01234
OA   56789:;<=>

Can anybody please explain what does these symbols mean and how the signature functionality was implemented? What does OA mean? How does the Print Control influence the signature priting?

PS: The Print Program RFFOUS_C was never changed. I have searched for the Print Control ZDABC in SPAD and could not found.

Thanks a ton.

I gave the wrong text elements desciption before - sorry.

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I think OA is Paragraph format. Because it is below /* which is used to comment the text in script window.

To identify each row data it is better to debug the script using active debugger in Utilities of SE71.

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Hi Venkat,

Thanks for the reply. I will take a look at. But I am wondering how does a "Print Control" influence the script? I could not find the Print Control in the System.