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SID generation in ODS

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hi there,

i have a question.

when i right check BEx box in the ODS defination, it is generate the SID.

what is the mean "generate the SID and what happend if it is not generat the SID,

what is the different b/w them. and how is work without generat the SID.


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Answers (2)

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hi Rob,

and from performance point of view,

without generate sid may impact good performance on ODS data loading


1. Creating SID values

It takes a long time to generate SID values and you can avoid this in the following cases:

○ The Generation of SID Values indicator should not be set if you are using the DataStore object for data storage purposes only. If you do set this indicator, SIDs are created for all new characteristic values.


For Standard DataStore Objects:

Generating SID Values

With the Generation of SID Values indicator, you specify whether SIDs are created for the new characteristic values in the DataStore object when the data is activated. If you do not set the indicator, no SIDs are created and activation is completed faster.


for write optimized DSO

Furthermore, during loading, for reasons of efficiency, no SID values can be determined for the loaded characteristics. The data is still available for reporting. However, in comparison to standard DataStore objects, you can expect to lose performance because the necessary SID values have to be determined during evaluation.

hope this helps.

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The SID allos the system to link together the master data and the fields in the ODS to allow reporting. If you don't check this box, Bex reporting will not be possible. That's the only negative impact to not checking it.