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Shutting down Data Services 4.2 for Oracle database upgrade

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I am relatively new to Data Services (BODS) and have an upcoming requirement to perform an Oracle DB upgrade and some additional activities that require the Oracle database to be restarted. My question is: what are the appropriate steps to stop Data Services and be able to stop the Oracle database it sits on top of?

Currently my steps are as follows, unfortunately I have not yet found any explicit explanations in the admin documentation:

1) Shut down job server

2) Shut down tomcat web server

3) Shut down the database

Am I missing anything in between? Any directory backups I should take?

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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For oracle DB upgrade stop the Tomcat & SIA services to ensure no activity will perform during DB upgrade..These you can stop from Central configuration manager (CCM).

Answers (3)

Answers (3)

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The sequence should be

1) Shut down Tomcat web application server(Can be last step also)

2) Shut down Data Services Job server

3) Shut down the oracle database instance

Before you upgrade, recommend you to take backup of existing database(repository/reporting DB) and then go with the upgrade.


Arun Sasi

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4.2. Yup that worked well, thanks Amit for the answer.

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Follow the Amit's instructions above.

What is your DS version? Oracle upgrade from which version to which version?