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Showing no Data in Fiori Extension Project

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Hi Guys ,

I am trying to extend the Staffing request App.I have all setup in places ,a dedicated connection is present within clod account.

When i am executing the standard app data is being populated correctly as per screenshot 1.

But when i am creating a extension app using SAP WebiDe ,it should me the detail screens with data just like the normal app execution,i am not getting any data updated ,rather only the screen got loaded.

I tried debugging but not found any solution why this thing happening.

Kindly Suggest please.

Sharing the screeshot 2 as well.

Thorough direct launchpad data is available but via webide extension project no data accesible.

Note:While creating a project from template i am able to access the same ODATA in my system as well.So issues related to accesibility.screenshot2.jpgscreenshot1.jpg

Need you expert advice on this. Any leads will be extremely helpful.

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