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showhelp in MVC

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Hello friends,

I have implemented the showhelp functionality in BSP application ( page with flowlogic ) and when now I tried to do the same stuff with MVC, does not work.

So as usuall, I have placed an bsp:event, which fired when user click on f4 button, and this event I catch in onInputProcessing event handler. Why cant I fire the event in view ?? with bsp:event and catch it in do_handle_event method of my controller class ?

any idea....

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Nothing you described here should be impossible. I have used <bsp:event> in a MVC no problem. You might want to post some sample code here. Off the top of my head, make sure that in your controller class dispatches events. That means that in DO_REQUEST method of your highest level controller you should have the following code before the call to your View:

* if input is available, dispatch this input to subcomponent.
* this call is only necessary for toplevel controllers.
* ( if this is not a toplevel controller or no input is present,
*   this call returns without any action)
  dispatch_input( ).

* if any of the controllers has requested a navigation,
* do not try to display, but leave current processing
  if is_navigation_requested( ) is not initial.

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Hi Thomas,

Thanks for your reply,

here is the code I am using:

<htmlb:inputField size = "10"

id = "USERID"

value = "<%= USERID %>"

showHelp = "X"

onValueHelp = "help_in_req_eventTrigger()"



onClick = "Input_help"

id = "help_user_in_request"

name = "help_in_req_eventTrigger"

return_value = "TRUE" />

And when I click on the f4 button , I expected to have an event, but unfortunatly it gives me some javascript error ??

However when I use the following button

<htmlb:button text = "<%= otr(/CBP/UA03/DISPLAY) %>"

tooltip = "<%= otr(/CBP/UA03/DISPLAY_USER_INFO) %>"

onClick = "get_user_info" />

I can see the value in my inputfield ( userid ).


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I cut and pasted your example into my system and it worked perfectly fine.

What is the JavaScript error that you are getting? Make sure that you don't have a typo in your system in the event name - they do match up here in the posting.