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show text element on another sheet

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Hi Experts,

I've got a normal query in a normal workbook and in this workbook are 3 sheets. Now I'd like to show the result of the query on the first sheet and some technical information on the third sheet.

These technical informations are text elements, which you can display on sap-toolbar->Layout->Display text elements-> all

I can move these results of technical info within the sheet, but not on another sheet. Have you got a solutions for this problem? Or isn't it a problem and I can't find the right way?

Thanks for help.

Best regards warke

p.s.: working on NetWeaver2004s with old 3.x BEx-functionality

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Yes you can copy the technical Info from one sheet to another, just cut and paste the technical info in the worksheets you want it to be held on and save.

Answers (2)

Answers (2)

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thank you very much for the answer.

I solved the problem and it's as simple as breathing

Cut and Paste is the solution for many problems.

Buy warke

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May I ask you another problem about how to copy sheet (format) from A to B?

in excel VBA code : Sheets("sheet(1)").Copy After:=Sheets(2)

how do SAP conding follow by excel VBA?

source code:

CREATE OBJECT h_excel 'Excel.Application'.

SET PROPERTY OF h_excel 'Visible' = 1.

GET PROPERTY OF h_excel 'Workbooks' = h_workbooks.

CALL METHOD OF h_workbooks 'Add'

EXPORTING #1 = p_upload. --> sheet(1)

          • I'd like to copy sheet(1) format to sheet(2) here ******

CALL METHOD OF h_excel 'Worksheets' = h_sheet.

CALL METHOD OF h_sheet 'Add'.

GET PROPERTY OF h_excel 'ActiveSheet' = h_sheet.

SET PROPERTY OF h_sheet 'NAME' = 'sheet(2)'. --> sheet(2)

CALL METHOD OF h_excel 'Worksheets' = h_sheet

EXPORTING #1 = 'sheet(2)'.

Please help me out!!

Thanks & Best Regards,


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I'm not sure if I can follow.

You would like to copy a sheet with ABAP-Coding?

If that's your question, I'm sorry I can't help, because I haven't experience.

But you can copy the sheet in module "SAPBEXonRefresh". May that solves your problem. Good luck.

Best regards


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If you use the 2004s functionality, you can do this. I'm not aware of a way to do it in 3.x without VB Code or Excel formulas that link from the query to other sheets.