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Show leading zeros of a NUMC defined InfoObject

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We have a situation where we have a zip code type InfoObject defined as NUMC and it is used by Bex Query from a MultiProvider defined over an ODS. When Bex displays this field the leading zeroes do not show. The leading zeros are in the ODS, but do not show in the query. Is there any way (other than redefining the InfoObject and relading the data) to set a property or use a formula or something so that the leading zeroes of this NUMC InfoObject will be displayed from BEx?

We are trying to avoid having to get rid of all our data, redefining the InfoObject, and then reloading all the data again.

Thanks for your reponse,

Jeri McNeany

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Alpha conversion is the only way. But that will mean that 0123 and 00123 are two different values. Better would be to define this as a char.