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Show current and previous year line chart

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My requirement is to show the current and previous year line chart in a single graph.

My source values are like this

2013.01.10 - 20

2013.09.20 - 10...etc

2014.02.28 - 5

2014.04.15 - 10...etc

I need two line in a single chart for 2013 and 2014 values.

Any idea how I can do this?

Thanks in advance.


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Hi Arun,

Create Year variable from Date that you have:

Year_Var = =FormatNumber(Year(ToDate([Date];"yyyy.MM.dd"));"####")

Create table using

Year      Date      Amount/Quantity

Right Click on table Turn Into > Line Chart

In Category Axis give


In Value Axis1 give


In Region Color give


I think it will work for you.



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No it doesn't work.

I need two lines on a single chart one for 2013 and other for 2014. Is that possible without a 2- axis line chart?

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You need to show something on Category Axis and Value Axis in single chart.

On Value Axis you can assign value which is: 5,10,15,20. But what you want to show on category axis.

Any dimension you have to use on categ. axis either month or anything.

To show years use color lines.

PFA image.

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Ok it works, i added month in the category axis.