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Sharing Process Servers Between Version

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The CPS version at my company is 6.0.2. We are going to a later version of CPS (7 or 8, not sure yet) and want to know if the process servers can be shared between the 6 version and the 7 or 8 version. We are wanting to migrate jobs gradually instead of the big bang approach. We have a fair amount of complex jobs that will take considerable time to upgrade and test in the new version. The goal is to keep the current number of process servers to minimize the cost of moving to the newer version. Any information would be appreciated.

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi George,

If you are looking for the option to have Process Servers of two versions on the same box: that is possible to a large extend. You do need to take special care to separate the environments used by the process servers if you install v6 and v7 on the same box. On Unix this is easy, on Windows this is more work.

V6 (or V7) and V8 Process Servers on the same box is no problem, both on Unix and Windows.

In both cases, this may help preparing for the upgrade, as a lot of the installation work can be done before the actual upgrade.

Coming to your gradual migration question: you cannot have Process Servers of one version connect to a repository of another version. So this means that in order to keep the migration simple, you would need to migrate complete flows from one repository to another repository.

Although technically it is possible to migrate partial flows and create dependencies between the partial flows in different repositories (through events for example), but this makes monitoring and maintenance much more complex.

Due to the large number of dependencies that tend to exist between applications in complex environments, the above logic can result in the situation that if you migrate one flow, almost all the others have to be migrated as well due to the inter-dependencies.

Without knowing more about your environment, it is a bit difficult to suggest the best approach. Sometimes customers start with a new version of CPS on a new set of processes that needs to be implemented, sometimes on another new application that has to be implemented, and then later they add the existing processes.

Most of the times, customers upgrade the full environment in one go, also in complex environments, of course after proper testing in the test environment and proper preparation.

Hope this helps you a bit, let me know if you need anything else.


Anton Goselink

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