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SFTP Sender Adapter - Multiple Java Nodes

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I have a produiton interface which has been running without any issues for the last two years.

I noticed that last two days it was picking up one file and was processing multiple times. Today, it was normal as only one file was processed as i did a controlled start and stop channels before processing.

Having further digged in, I can see that 3 java nodes seems to have polled at same time with difference of only milliseconds.

Please confirm the following

1. Is my understanding correct that at any particular time when the channel is polling, only one node and any one node should be polling and not all three of them.

2. Since this is SFTP adapter, there is a duplicate check handling, will this resolve my issue although i am not sure whether it will consider as duplicate when multiple nodes process at same time.

3. checking the forum, there seems to be an option of clusterSyncMode for file adapter. Is this the solution for SFTP as well?

4. If it is an issue of cluster nodes, then it should happen for all interfaces and for all adapters. But not sure why it happened only to SFTP sender.

What causes these multiple processing of cluster nodes as there was no change happened ?



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We are facing the same issue: same file is picked up by multiple java nodes of polling sFTP channel.

Have you been able to find a resolution for above issue?



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Did you get an answer to this? We are also facing the same issue intermittently.