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Several problems using

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Hi all, maybe these questions have been posted before i don't know, i searched the forum but couldn't find anything. First things first, my environment:

- Visual Studio 2008 latest patches

- Target platform .Net 3.5

- Crystal reports XI R2 latest patches (using managed assemblies to link to VS2008)

- SQL Server 2005 developper/server

The software i'm debugging

I have have never had any training on CR so i'm trying my best to come up with what seems as the smartest solution but it doesn't always work. The software i'm working on is a billing application that outputs workorders, timesheet details and invoices.

The problems

1. I can't seem to use the auto-generated classes in visual studio, they all refer to a report in a resource that doesn't exist. My reports are in the /report folder of my application and i want my users to be able to edit them. Is there something i can change or do to make it look like for a report on disk using the generated classes

2. I can't seem to regenerate the code file associated with a report. The original codefiles were created in Visual Studio 2003 .Net 1.1 and we hadn't touched it until now. I upgraded the solution but now it always says: "Cannot find custom tool 'CrystalDecisions.VSDesigner.CodeGen.ReportCodeGenerator" and i can't find a clear anwser on google that works. (i tried changing it to VSShell and it doesn't work)

3. If i use the reportdocument class to get my reports, load them to memory, everything works fine until i hit around 10 LOADS. After that, i get errors about memory full or i get errors that the engine can't load the report. The entire process is inside one function so i thought it would unload the objects when done but no.

The code is called in a loop for each invoice to print: Process(ProjectNumber, Child) and then this function creates all the report objects required. I even rebuilt the function to open only one report at once but i always get the same error.

4. Finaly, if i had the ReportDocument.Close function in the function to liberate the resources and memory, it freezes on that line for 5 to 10 minutes before continuing. (Doesn't do it on all reports, and it does it randomly, not always on the same report)

Imagine having 3 reports x 70 invoices to print and each take 5 to 10 minute to print... Completly innaceptable no?

PS: I tried opening only once each report outside of the processing function, but for a strange reason, even if i change the report selection criteria, it doesn't print the info correct when i go back into the processing function and export or print the report. And when i close the report after the whole process is done, it still takes 5 to 10 minutes on several if not all reports to unload.

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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CR XI r2 is not supported with .NET 2008. See [this|] wiki for more details.

based on the above, I'm not going to comment on the issues until the correct version of CR is used; CR 10.5 (bundled with .NET 2008), or CR 2008 SP 0 or higher.


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