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Setting up EWA in SolMan 7.1

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Hi Guys,

I have been looking for comprehensive list of actions to perform in order to make a simple EarlyWatch Alert work for a simple NetWeaver 7.3 ABAP satellite.

Can you please guide me in the right direction?

My SolMan is version 7.1 SP04, so any documentation for earlier releases is not applicable.

(I have read through a kilometer of documentation on earlier releases, where the procedure is nice and simple)

I have done everything I have found instructions for:

- System preparation and basic configuration

- Note 1633725 and its subnotes implemented

- Managed system configuration successfully performed

- Logical component created, systems assigned

- Production system marked as "production"

And still, my solution --> operations setup says "No EarlyWatch Alert-Relevant Objects".

I haven't been able to find "prerequisites for EWA" list or any other source of information on this.

Please help me!



Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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in solman_directory tcode

check the leading role of the solution

go to solution settings tab

click on CCMS Monitoring of EWA

then activate your solution

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Hi Guys,

Thanks for the tips.

I managed to set up EWA for couple of systems by browsing through solution settings, CCMS settings, SDCCN in satellite, etc.

Still I am not sure which of the activities did actually make the systems available for EWA setup.

If you can come up with a comprehensive list of actions to be taken, would be helpful; we still got plenty of systems for which we need to activate EWA.



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After your satellite system configuration is done,

you create a report from solman_workcenter -> System monitoring -> Reports

this will ping to your satellite system for report (run SDCCN in satellinte system)

in satellite system, run sdccn

start job refresh sessions (create task and go to edit-> start immediately)

Similarly start Earlywatch task

when finshed check in solman, data is available in solman for reporting

now again in solman, session data needs to be processed, Start Service processing

check background job SM:EXEC* in sm37

after finshed report is available

for automatic mail configuration, go to solman_workcenter -> System monitoring -> Configure Automatic Mailing -> select solution -> create email recipient

I hope this answers the later process,

for checks I would suggest as pre-requisite,

make entries in host file, service file (re-check in both systems)

create Z role with S-RFC & S_RFC_ACL and attach to responsible users on satellite system and solution manager


Re-check all RFCs created in both systems, Re-check product assignment in SMSY, also leading role of the solution etc.

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Thanks for the list of actions.

The problem for me still is this part:

"you create a report from solman_workcenter -> System monitoring -> Reports"

I do not know the process HOW the system appears here.

I managed to create EWAs for my systems, but it is still a mystery to me, how and why the systems appear in the initial setup list.

Maybe it's running SDCCN stuff in the satellite. At least it does not show up there immediately after running SDCCN.



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Edit technical system

create product system

create logical component

assign that logical component to the product system

this is done in smsy

in solman_workcenter

system monitoring->setup

create solution

assign logical component and define system role

configure for ewa for that particular solution (link on the same page)

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Hi   Samuli 

Please refer to these SAP Note below

SAP Note 1257308     FAQ: Using EarlyWatch Alert

SAP Note 976054       Availability of EWA for Non ABAP components

Best Regards

Jai Wardhan

Answers (2)

Answers (2)

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Hi Samuli,

Please go through the following url for EWA setup information



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few things are there

Check whether the RFCs are working.

create a Z role with object S_RFCACL and attach the role to the user by which you created RFCs

attach the same role everywhere, managed system and solman as well.

check the system type in solution_directory

check logical component

check technical system, whether it is active