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Setting the Role for Chart Variant in P13nDimMeasurePanel - P13nDialog

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Hi All,

I am using a stand-alone P13nDialog for a functionality for the user to create his own variant definition for drawing a chart. I am using the same example as in SAPUI5 Explored.

I have a JSON Model from which I bind the data to the P13nDimMeasure Panel. If I set the field as Dimension, it creates a Role Dropdown with values Category/Series, Similarly Axis1/Axis2 for measure fields.

I am not able to set the selected item in the dropdown for each field. i.e. if the Field is a dimension and it is category, the dropdown should show category, else series.

I tried to bind the property "role" in the sap.m.P13nDimMeasureItem to a property in my JSON Model, which will have one of the values among Category/Series/Axis1/Axis2. But the drop selected Item always defaults to either Category(for AggregationRole "Dimension") and Axis1 (for AggregationRole "Measure")

            "Fieldname": "PropertyID",
            "FieldDescription": "PropertyID",
            "Aggr_Oper": "Dimension",
            "Filterable": null,
            "Visible": "true",
            "Filter_Val": null,
            "DisplayOrder": 1,
            "FieldGroup": null,
            "SubTotal": null,
            "FieldType": null,
            "Sortable": "true",
            "Sort_Op": "ASC",
            "Sort_Order": 1,
            "ChartRole": "Category"

Any suggestions/solutions are appreciated.

Thanks in advance,


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