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setps of extraction

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hi experts:

could u give me an example to follow to extract a flat file in BI 7.0 step by step ? tks


Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi allen lu,

1. for that fisrt create info objects.. in INFO OBJECTS TAB..

2. go to Data Source tab.. create one data source (there u can select Master data Text or Master data attributes.. or Transactional data )

3. there you shoul specify ur file name.. and activate it.. and create info package.. for that data source,...

4. start the process.. now ur data was loaded into PSA..

5. now go to info provider tab .. if you are loading master data ur application component and right click it and select Insert Charecterstic..(there you need to give ur .... info object name..)

if you are loading transactional data means..and select ur application area.. and right click it select create DSO or Info Cube..

6. after cretaing ur cube or DSO with required fields... now select that data target and right click it.. and do select create Transformations..

7. in that step you need to give ur data source name.. and source system name..

8.after activate it.. now select ur data target right click and select cretae Data Transfer Process.

9. activate it.. and execute it..

Assign Points.. if it helpf full to u



Answers (1)

Answers (1)

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hi Madhavi:

I have finished all ur steps with ur help, tks a lot.

But when I click execute in the last step, it comes an runtime error,messae is follow:


427 call function 'DD_EXIST_TABLE'

428 exporting

429 tabname = p_tabname

430 status = 'A'

431 ntab = 'X'

432 importing

433 subrc = p_subrc.


435 if p_subrc <> 0.

>>>> message x073 with p_tabname.

437 * perform create_testtab using p_tabname

438 * changing p_subrc.

439 * if p_subrc <> 0.

440 * exit.

441 * endif.

442 endif.

the value of 'p_tabname' is 'TESTDATRNRPART0'

I think the table 'TESTDATRNRPART0' didnt exit.How to come through this? pls help me.

My mail is, welcome to guid me in BI module, U are a nice person.