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set http header content-type possible?

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Quick question.

ITS 6.20 & R/3 4.6C - is it possible to set the content-type to anything other than text/html?

Using flow logic screen independent service to provide XML to an applet. I want ITS to return text/xml to the applet when it sends a request to an ITS service.

I cannot find anything in the help/documents to hint at how or if this is possible.

Exploring possibilities for a minimal customization to the ESS ITS service to seamlessly provide timesheet entry to MS Project Server. Planning use of RFCs and webMethods but maintaining single sign-on through ITS/ESS.

Currently looks like using XML for applet interaction with ITS will not be possible.

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Thanks Raja,

I am not an ITS expert by any means. I need help to work out how use the information in OSS Note 494984 to solve my problem.

The note seems to be about setting headers on all incoming requests to ITS.

I need to set the content-type header on an outgoing response generated using a specific (XML) template.

I did the BC440 course back in 2000 but after 2000 I never did another ITS project, focusing on Java and J2EE instead. So I am not sure how to apply what the OSS Note says. Do I need to assign the content type to a Business HTML parameter in the template? The documentation I have with SAP@Web Studio is not helpful.

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Hi Neil,

Why does the content type have to be text/xml? Does the applet refuse to work with an xml file that has the content type text/html?

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The applet may work with content type text/html.

For the purpose of neatly testing the ITS flow logic service that generates the XML with a web browser, having the correct content type would be useful.

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Check out OSS Note No. 494984