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'Session expired will reload' Error occurs at SAP Build Apps on BTP free trial account


Hello Experts

When I view the data page of Build Apps Web & Mobile Application, I see an error pop-up with the content of "Session expired, will reload", and I clicked "OK" and then reloaded, but the same pop-up is displayed after reloading. I tried signing out and signing in, recreating the project, and recreating the subscription, but I got the same error. I was able to use it without any problems until "Session expired, will reload" was displayed.

Could you please let me know the solution?

Best regards,

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I would like to add to this matter.

This event is occurring in the SAP BTP trial environment (US East (AWS)).

We expect that this is due to a problem caused by an update, etc., as the system was working properly until yesterday.

If you know of a workaround for this event, please help us.

<Operation Procedure>

1. Create a new project in SAP Build Apps.

2. Click [Data] and try to connect to the API.

3. An error message "Session expired,will reload" is displayed.

4. Click [OK], and this page will reload indefinitely.

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I have the same problem.