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SES: relate attributes to each other

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I am implementing a SES based index. In this index I store Customer data.

Most of the customers have multiple addresses, and here my problem is situated.

When I perform a search, the different addresses get mixed up.

For example, when I have a customer with the following addresses

Address 1: street = Baker Street city = London

Address 2: street = Town Street city = Liverpool

and another customer with the following addresses

Address 1: street = Baker Street city = Liverpool

Address 2: street = Town Street city = London

I find back both customers when I search for street = Baker Street and city = London

In my indexing class, in the method GET_ATTRIBUTE_VALUES I have given each address line a different ROW_COUNTER as this parameter suggest it can relate the address data to each other.

Has anybody got an idea how I can relate my address data to each other, so my search returns accurate results?



PS: I don't want to use joined indexes for the addresses, as I already have build joined indexes with Sales Transactions where I will need to search on Sales Transaction Data combined with address data and customer master data.

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My experiments with SES showed that here is what is needed:

- you should inform TREX that your attributes (city and street) are related by putting them into a single attribute group

- attributes' internal(as seen in trexadmin) type should be String (and not Text). By default only quite a short abap string (25 or 40 CHARs) gets converted by SES as String. My values were longer so I had to force String type for them, which is, I'm afraid, unsupported.

Also there seem to be some bugs with this sort of search in TREX 7.00 standalone (which I have). Release notes for 7.10 promise corrections