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Services to be checked after system restart for getting system status

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We are trying to identify all the services that are to be checked before we confirm that a system is available.

While performing a system status check on J2EE instances after restart of the system , after getting a respone on TELNET to the HTTP Port sometimes the system was found to be not completely up.

We have observed that though the server processes are down HTTP service responds to user requests.

Could you please help identify the other services which must also be checked to be completely sure that the system is UP ?

We have gone through the document "TCP/IP Ports Used by SAP Applications" in SDN.

But It doesn't talk about the ports to check for Java server processes.

For ABAP we do a telnet on Message server and so far we got it right.

Should we check on other services as well in ABAP stack systems to confirm on their availability?



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Hello Prateek,

If you are able to login to your sysytem either ABAP or Java, that means all required services are up and running. Usually if required services are not started, SAP instance will not come up.

If any application services are not up which will not hurt instance startup, those can be restarted anytime.

If your query is not answered, please brief us your actual requirement.


Siva Kumar

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If you are planning to setup availability monitoring then please use the following:


http://<AS-ABAP FQDN>:<ICM port>/sap/bc/ping?sap-client=<ABAP client>


http://<AS-JAVA>:<http portal>/irj/portal



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Hi Prateek,

Please use below command to check if JAVA Stack/Instance is UP and Running or not.

jcmon pf=/usr/sap/<SID>/SYS/profile/instace profile name (If your Server O.S. is Solaris or Unix)

Then goto option 20 and you can find there Dispatcher, Server0 and SDM are UP and Running or not.

If everything is Up and Running, then you can goto your browser and paste there:


where <XX> is the System Number where your Java enginee/Stack is present.

In order to check ABAP Enginee is Up or not, you can check like this:

dpmon pf=/usr/sap/<SID>/SYS/profile/instace profile name (If your Server O.S. is Solaris or Unix)

it will show your work process are running or not.

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What exactly is your requirement?You just want to see whether the system is up or not.

If its windows then you can go for management console if its unix then check for the process whether they are running or not.

ps -ef | grep jstart used for netaerver 7.3 i think valid from 7.1

for the other versions ps -ef | grep jlaunch

ps -ef | grep jcontrol

ps -ef | grep java

or jcmon pf=<>

check for the processes.Thanks.

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In the ABAP part you can check the Gateway Serivce(33xx) and Messag Server(36xx)