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Services not visible in BAS S/4 Hana Public Cloud.

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  I am trying to consume service in Fiori app published at S4Hana Public Cloud. I have developed custom table and query and release service binding and oData for remote consumption using ADT-Eclipse . The service name is visible at S4Hana Public cloud. 

Next, I connected S4HANA Public Cloud with BTP using assertion authentication and uploading certificate and destination created. The required communication system is created in public cloud. The response is green but not 202. The BAS is subscribed and user is assigned with required roles. In the BAS, the S4HANA Pub.Cloud system is visible under systems but no services.

Also, when I try to create Fiori and select source as system (destination) then I get this error:

The selected system is returning an authentication error. please verify the destination configuration.

Am I missing something? Your help is appreciated.





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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert
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Hi @saurabh_shukla4,

I propose that you double-check your settings as described in the documentation:

Or double-check your setup with the tutorial.

If your setup seems fine, then you may run the Fiori Tools Environment Check in BAS ( and/or create a connectivity trace using the Display Connectivity Trace app in your S/4HANA Cloud system ( 

If the issue persists and you cannot solve the issue yourself, then create an incident on the BC-SRV-APS-EXT-BAS component.

Best regards