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Service Desk SLA (product workbench)

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We are having trouble setting the SLA for solman service desk.

We have setup the Availability and Reaction Schema with transaction CRMD_SERV_SLA.

We then setup he Categories and Hierarchies with transaction comm._hierarchy

Now when we come to setup the Product workbench with transaction Commpr01 we are getting the error:

An internal number range interval cannot be determined for category SLA

we tried to correct this by runing the transaction COMC_MATERIALID_ALL

This should allow us to set up the number range intervals for the product type Material.

But we get the error

No number range elements (base categories) can be determined

Any idea what is the problem? How can this be corrected?



Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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check the no via



and also check the object from the transaction type u hav assigned.

Pls assign pts.

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SNRO does sound releated. I have tried snro (serviceid), snum and comcserviceid. They do not allow me to add a new interval. It is grayed out. I also notice in the IMG

SAP Implmentation Guide

--> Cross-Application Components

--> SAP Product

-->Settings for Product Type

--> Number Assignment

It is missing the entry for "serviceid"

--> "Define Number Ranges for Service"

Maybe I am going down the wrong garden path?

Does this need to be done for settingup SLA? Is there a sap standard product that should have been used?



Answers (4)

Answers (4)

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I would like to share the following information with you. It might be helpful in answering your question.

The [Advanced Quick Guide for VARs Service Desk (June 09)|] has been recently updated.

I covers the following topics:

- IBase

- Organizational Model

- Product Maintenance

- Service Level Agreements:

Best regards,


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the configuration of SLA is nog really in the "basic" scope of SolMan. Check CRM service for this topic.



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Yes, we did get it working. But with out any help from SAP.

It is a disgrace that SAP supplies a service desk missing such basic functionality.

If it is not too late I could recommend some other products. For example It is GNU and does not require all kinds of development.

We had to do a lot of CRM configuration to get the SLA working and in then end it only sends out one email when the time is reached. Then monitoring reports requires further work.

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Did you ever find a solution to your problem? I am trying to set up an SLA for initial response time also, but I am completely unable to find any documentation whatsoever on that subject.



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Hi Thomas,

how are you doing ?

you might be interested to know that we are setting it up this month at KONE.

If you are patient I will be able to guide you throught the process.

br Xavier Languy