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Serveral errors when activate CompileOnStartUp property

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I'm testing the property CompileOnStartUp in the WebContainer.

When the server restarts the log files contains a lot errors, all of them trying to compile the jsp pages. The log file shows this message:

<b>The error is: Tag library descriptor cannot be found for uri:. </b>

Any suggestions?

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I don't have an answer for you but I'm responding because I have the same problem. Hopefully, this will move the thread to the top and someone else will see it and respond.



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Hi David

Not sure if you have managed to resolve the issue but Ill try and summarise (just in case others have a similar problem):

ISSUE: Following exception thrown when a jsp page in a Web Project wishes to use a JSP Tag Library: Tag library descriptor cannot be found for uri:{1}.

Steps to setup tag library in a web app:

1) Copy the tag library descriptor (.tld) file to /WEB-INF subdirectory, for example myTags.tld

2) Copy the tag library JAR file(s) to WEB-INF/lib

3) Finally add a <taglib> element to your web application deployment descriptor in /WEB-INF/web.xml like this:


Then in your jsp page include the following:

<%@ taglib uri="tagLib" prefix="myTags" %>

This link provides further info:

Follow the aforementioned steps and your jsp page should start using the specified Tag Library