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Sequence of Transports in SAP BI

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Hi Friends,

I am facing lot of problems to transport BI objects from DEV to QA and to PROD system.Kindly,request your good selves in this regard..I asked my basis consultant to help in this,but he is also asking the sequence so that he can import..

Kindly help..I have read many docs \ pdfs but still objects are not getting imported successfully..

Just take one example from any of the cubes 0PUR_C01,0PUR_C02,0PUR_C04,0PUR_C09 and give me clear steps..

Steps should include: sequence,objects to be choosen and especially 'Grouping Options'

Please provide valuable help..awaiting..



Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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As said above, Group Necessary Objects is the type of grouping that you should be selecting.

Step1--> Make sure that the ECC Data sources have bee transported first to QA ECC & the same have to be replicated in QA BW.

Step2--> Once you have that, transport your base level objects - Infoobjects, DSO & Cube structures.

Step3--> Then you can transport the Update rules, transfer rules, transformations for the above..

Step4--> And finally, the infopackages and DTPs.

If you are making use of ABAP classes, transport them before performing Step3.

Step5--> Transport of Process chains (if being used)

Each step can be a set of transports or a single transport.

Please check your transports through SE09 or SE03 as soon as they are sent to the QA system & before transporting the next set of objects, make sure that the previous ones have gone in successfully.

Follow the above order while transporting from QA to the next system.



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Hi Vishal and Des

Thanks a lt for responding to my query.

Vishal !

Would you please elaborate the steps.

I have successfully transported all DataSources from ECC DEV to ECC QA also done replication of all these datasources to BI QA successfully.

The confusions are from now only..

You have mentioned in STEP2 that base level objects have to be transported..

Let us take for example any cube related to MM (0PUR_C01,0PUR_C02,0PUR_C04,etc.,) collect all Infoobjects related to this cube,what should I do?

This cube will contain many infobjects...Do I need to select 0PUR_C01 with grouing options 'Only Necessary' to collect all infoobjects? If this is the procedure to collect 'Infoobjects' then how should I collect InfoCube itself? Kindly just give one example in the following fashion..your help is of great help for me.

To collect Infoobjects --- what to select,groupting options

To collect Infocube -- what to select,grouping options

Do I need to collect all in a singe Request for each step or in different requests?

Please provide in detail..thanks in advance and waiting for this.

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Ok, lets say 0PUR_C01.

First of all, are your Infoobjects newly created. i.e. will you be transporting these for the very first time?

If yes, what you can do is, in Transport Connection -> Select the cube & drag it to your right side screen.

Select the grouping - necessary object only.

We can do this in 2 ways:


You'll see the cube & all your infoobjects. Select your infoobjects (by ticking them) & nothing else. Assign a package to your infoobjects & then capture them in a Transport Request.

Refresh the transaction by /nRSA1.

Again in your Transport Connection, select your cube and cube only. Assign a package & capture it in a Transport Request.

So, now you have 2 transport requests -> one with infoobjects & 2nd with cube structure.


You can capture the infoobjects and the cube in the same Transport Request.

We ideally go with the First approach.

Follow this with each of the cubes -> One Transport Req for all infoobjects and One Transport Req for all cubes.

Once you are done with this transport in the following sequence:

1. TR with Infoobjects

2. TR with cubes.

Once you have these structures in the target system, then you can Transport the rules/ transformation in one TR and infopackages & DTP in another TR.

I hope this clears your doubts a little more.



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Hi Vishal,

Thanks a lot and sorry for late confirmation.

I have followed the sequence as suggested and it worked out fine..and my problem is almost resolved.

Please let me know how to give p so that I can assign

Forgot to mention in the query I posted:

I have also migrated the DataSources to 7.0 flow and the sequence I followed is like this:

TR1 : All Base Objects --- Grouping : Only Necessary

TR2 : Infoprovider

TR3: All Transformations

Now while importing TR3,I am getting the error message like this:

No Rule exists

Source RSDS XXX YYY does not exist

(xxx u2013 Datasource Name,YYY -- ECC DEV Source System)

As a result of this,the first transformation (transfer Rule) is becoming inactive with DEV source sytem name

And again when I transported migrated Datasource with u201C DataFlow Beforeu201D ,correct transformation with correct source system name (PROD) is becoming active and the old one still remains in inactive status only..and it is not allowing to delete also..

Please let me know how to proceed with this..

However,the posted query is resolved ..thanks a lot and let me know the procedure of assigning p

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You will require to open a new thread for that.

Please explain your problem correctly.



Answers (1)

Answers (1)

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Hello Sharif,

For infocubes if you transport with the grouping option "only necessary objects" then the sequence of the objects should not be so important as only the infoobjects that make up the cube need to exist for the transport and import to be successful.

For transporting datasources and infosources (if you use 3.x functionality) it is important that you transport in the following sequence:

1 Transport the datasources on the ERP source system side first

2 Replicate the datasources in the target BW transport system

3 Transport the source system dependent objects like transfer rules, infopackages etc on the BW side.

It is recommended especially for mass transports to transport objects in groups using the only necessary objects option i.e you should transport all the datasources that you want on one transport, then all the infocubes on anothert transport etc.

Kind Regards,