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sequence and use of pre-exit,post-exit,overwrite-exits in detail...

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Hi everyone,

When do we get the requirement to use all these three (pre,post,overwrite) exits in webdynpro application.?

If so,why should we need to use overwrite exit as we have already pre exit and post exit in that method .?

please explain in detail!

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi vardhan,

You will get this requirement if any customer asks you to enhancing some WD component.

The main use of these three methods are:

PRE-EXIT : If there is a method say m1. and if your requirement is to make changes before this method then you will write your logic in PRE-EXIT method.

POST-EXIT : If your requirement is to make changes after finishing M1 method, then you will write your logic in POST-EXIT method.

OVERWRITE-EXIT: In your requirement, if you dont to execute the logic in method M1 instead you want your logic to be executed, then write the appropriate logic in OVERWRITE-EXIT method.


PRE-EXIT  :  This will trigger before the corresponding method.

POST-EXIT : This will trigger after the corresponding method

OVERWRITE-EXIT : This will replace the corresponding method.

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Hi Shravan Kumar,


In a requirement ,i have  to use all the three exits in a method.Then the sequence is --->

Preexit and method -->method and postexit--->overwrite exit.

In which case we use all 3 exits ? do u have any


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Hi vardhan,

If this is the case for you, then why to use all the methods.

Instead you can write the whole logic in overwrite exit method, as it will replace the existing method. And in the same method, you can write the code which you want to write in pre and post method.

Answers (1)

Answers (1)

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Hi Vardhan,

Once we implement an enhancement for the standard WDA application, We will get PRE-EXIT,


PRE EXIT : It will trigger before the logic implemented in the method ,

POST EXIT:  It will trigger after the logic implemented in the method,

OVERWRITE EXIT: It will completely overwrite the existing logic.

For reference go through the below thread

and for information