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Separation of DB host

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Hello Frnds,

I have a solution Manager installed on a physical server with CI and DB on the same host. [ Windows]

Now we are planning to separate the DB to a new host [Linux].

The DB instance has been created on that host.

So in order for it to start Functioning properly, what all changes [where all] needs to be done on CI ?

Please let me know if anyone has already performed such separation.

Also suggest me if you guys know?


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In configtool,

Under secure store --> change admin/host/<SID> to the corresponding new value. If you have changed the hostname of the database as well, correct also the jdbc/pool/<SID>/Url value.

Instance_IDXXXX -> Dispatcher_IDXXX -> managers -> Cluster Manager. Change property so that it points to the new hostname. Perform the same for the server node.

Go to instance -> dispatcher -> Locking manager and change to point to the new hostname. If you have changed the profile names modify also the enq.profile.filename accordingly.Perform the same steps for the server node.

Choose Instance_IDXXX on the tree on the left side and change Message server host parameter to the new value.

Hope it helps..



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Hello Suresh,

Thanks for the information.

I have a small doubt.

Why do we need to change the ms* properties, when we are just moving our DB?

Please correct me if i am wrong.



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