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Sending Master Data from MDM and Classification from ECC to BW? - Urgent

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We are in a bit of fix here regarding sending master data to BW for reporting.

Here's the problem description.

We are creating/maintaining master data in MDM. However, we still want to keep the classification in ECC (because of complexity of modeling classification in MDM, the effort involved in syndicating it to ECC using classification IDOC etc.). Now that means feeding BW from two different systems - MDM and ECC. Master data coming from MDM and classification information coming from ECC into BW. The problem is our BW consultant says that it is not a possible scenario. He says something about name space issue and we can't have two systems sending master data to BW for reporting.

I am a bit confused here because I have heard people doing this scenario. But I am not a BW expert so I can't say for sure. So my question here to MDM and BW gurus is that is this scenario that I've described above possible? Can we have master data in MDM and classification in ECC and send data from both systems to BW for reporting?

I'd really appreciate a quick response.



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Is it possible for sending the data from MDM back to R/3 to synchronize the data and from R/3 it can be extracted to BW


N Ganesh

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It is possible. However, there is certain data fields in MDM that we are not sending to R/3. We are maintaining these fields for internal purposes and to cross-reference legacy systems. This is the reason why we are sending data from MDM to BW and not from R/3 to BW as R/3 will not have the complete set of data.