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Sending large data sets to a controller in a new window

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Hi all,

A couple of features needed for the project I'm working on requires me to show some graphs based on comp data. The way its supposed to work is when the user clicks a button, a popup window comes up and the page loads into that window. Now I know how to open a window that loads a controller and passes a few fields in the URL, however I'm not quite sure how to go about doing this with a large dataset. I'm worried that there may be too much to put into a URL. Is there any way to create a controller, pass it an internal table, then pop up a window that will call that same instance of the controller? Alternatively, is there a way to call a view such that it writes to a new window?

Thanks for helping a BSP noob out.


Marcos Suero

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Accepted Solutions (1)

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Have a look to the Topic "Lost reference of main controller within popup"

"I hate windows popups" and MVC too.

In newest versions there is a nice popup managed via DHTML (like Web Dynpro does) but basically you should have a common reference to the data somewhere. You can use server side cookies, attributes of your application class, public and static attributes of a specific controller....


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slaps forehead

Make it static, of course. Why on earth didn't I think of that.

Thanks for the answer.

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