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Sending Hebrew Strings From Java to ABAP

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Hello everybody,

I'm trying to send a string from WebDynpo Java code to a SAP transaction on the R3 system.

When I'm sending a string in English it arrives correctly

When I'm sending a string in Hebrew it arrives as a sequence of question marks.

Does anyone knows what kind of conversions do I need to do so I'll be able to send Hebrew strings?

Thanks in advance, Adi.

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Accepted Solutions (1)

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When u say that you are sending a hebrew string did you localized ur string usig ResourceBundle class from your Webdynpro,check it first.

Refer SAP OSS notes for how to send String other than English to R/3 system and detailed configuration required.

Refer this for help on Localization,

• Internationalization is used for adapting already existing Webdynpros application

Without changing the source code so that they can be used in several multi lingual languages.

• Here we keep text strings separately from the application source code in a particular format(keys & values) so they can be processed in the standard translation mechanism.

• Here frequently used texts such as labels or titles are stored as java dictionary simple types objects.

• To do internationalization, copy the automatically generated *.xlf files and save them under the new name in the same directory.

• For eg :- file convention like <old filename>_<language key>.xlf. Ex:- For German use the language key de.

• For a particular user the locale is specified by the User management engine.

• If not the locale is handled by the browser setting(HTTP Headers)

• If not the default locale specified by the application will be returned.

• If not default locale of the Virtual Machine(VM) is returned

• This locale is passed to java.lang.ResourceBundle in the J2EE engine.

• This will load the physically existing resource bundle either from any one of the following :-

Resource bundle of WD(if exists) or resource bundle of VM (if exists) or

Resource Bundle of without language suffix(always exists) given by the developer.

I will post if anything strikes me.

Hope it helps.



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Hi Guru,

Thanks for the information but I don't think that we are talking about the same thing.

It's not a constant string that i'm trying to sent as a message or to display on the screen (lat's say as a Label).

I'm receiving a text String from the user (through an input field) sometimes in English, sometimes in Hebrew, and trying to send this string to a SAP transaction.

when the String is in Hebrew it is accepted as a sequence of question marks in the transaction.

I think that I need some kind of a conversion method.

thanks again , Adi

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Hi Adi,


String new_string = new String(old_string.getBytes(),"Cp1255");

Hope it helps,


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