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Sending files with and without BPM in one Interface.

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Hi All,

I have to send three files to my receiver system. 2 files of same structure after little mapping need to be merged into single file (Using BPM) and once this is successful the third file needs to be posted without any mapping.

I have thought of

1. using two communication channels activated using a UNIX script externally

2. using two comm channels with a activation time difference, i.e the 3rd file should be polled after some time when the first two files polled, but this is not helpful as if the two files doesnt process properly then 3rd file is not desired.

Now my question is can we do this scenario using 1 comm. channel with EOIO , masking or anyother option.

<b>Note: the third file should always be send after the processing of the first two files completes successfully.</b>

Thanks & Regards.

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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1. put two file in source folder and make synch scenario using BPM ,

2. put third file in some other folder than source folder.

3. after getting successful synch file responce, in the synch receiver file channel run OS command to put third file from other folder to source folder.

hows that ???

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