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Sending E-Mail through SAP Workflow

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Hi Guys,

I need to send mail through SAP Workflow. If I use BOR Object Type - SELFITEM, method SENDTASKDESCRIPTION then I am able to create a work item which I can see in my business workplace but I am not able to send out an email through this. How can I do this?

Points assured.

Thanks in advance,


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Answers (2)

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Check the SMTP settings using t-code SCOT.

Also see the user has any email in their user profile check it with t-code SU01.

Then if mail is not going please check the bindings.

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hi saurabh,

when u right click on the activity in <b>SWDD</b> and select create and select the <b>mail option</b>,

and enter the recipient type as EMAIL and give the e-mail address and give the task name.

hope this helps,


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Hi Priya,

I will not be knowing the email address in advance in my case so I cannot enter the email address in advance. The email receiver will be determined at runtime. How to achieve this. Can I use the same task as for a work item.



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Hi Folks,

I have a similar problem.

I´ve got a Workflow, from which it is supposed to be possible for the user to decide if an eMail to the business partner should be sent or not. So I have a step "Send eMail" in the workflow.

The actual problem is this:

The correct recipient of that eMail is supposed to be inserted automatically, corresponding to the document that is being processed by that workflow.

Is it somehow possible (without too much programming) to make the workflow read a list or table containing the business partner ID and then choose the right eMail adress?

Thanks in advance,


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Hi Saurabh,

I guess what can be done is that in a background activity you can do a processing which will retrieve all the email-ids that need to sent and then in the expression for the 'Send Mail' Step you can enter that.



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Hi This is lokesh,

I got requirement that i have to sent text file through SAP to users mail id.

Pls if u have solution pls send mail to my mail id.

if u have code pls send it to me.

my mail id