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Sender Port Error in SAP ECC for IDoc

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I am creating scenario IDOC -> XI -> JDBC with Customer Master IDoc.

After sending it with we19 he said "IDoc sent to SAP system or external program".

In we02 and we05 the IDOC it says "Data passed to port OK".

But in SM58, the IDoc ends in error saying

Transaction IDX1: Port SAPIDST100, client 600, RFC destination contains error.

What I identified that the port SAPIDST100 is the sender port in the IDoc being send. However, for PI we do not need to maintain sender port.

Business Systems:

Sender : SAP ECC

Receiver: SAPPID

Kindly provide your inputs.



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In SAP R/3, please check port name under sender information in IDOC Control record.

Once again check control records of the Idocs whether it properly.

In PI, you should be maintain the port by using the T.code IDX1.

Hope this above information help to you.



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Hi All,

Got the solution:

In the SAP Sender system, the sender port which was coming by default in the IDoc was itself not maintained. I created a sender port with RFC destination pointing to self.

Also, created a port in PI system with the same name as the the sender port.

IDoc Message in PI!!!



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Hi Rahul,

thanks for the information that your scenario is working fine.

But i want to clarify some points:

- If you send out an IDoc from an ECC system, the senderport is filled with SAP+<system-id> by the SAP IDOC API,

i.e. if your system id is "ABC", the senderport is "SAPABC"

=> your senderport SAPIDST does not match this template, so i assume you entered the value for the senderport

manually in the idoc test utility WE19

- if you send out an idoc, only the receiver port must be created in transaction WE21, it is not necessary to create

the senderport in WE21, this is not necessary and did not solve your problem

- the idoc was send from ECC (application system with application IDoc metadata) to an XI/PI system (basis system

without application idoc metadata

The IDoc adapter on the pi system must analyze the IDoc segments and must know the idoc application metadata,

but this is not known. So the idoc adapter on PI side looks at the senderport to identify the sender.

In transaction IDX1 an rfc-destination can be configured to point to the sendersystem with that senderport

With this rfc-destination the IDoc adapter tries to read the idoc aplication metadata from the ECC system and stores it on PI side.

If there is no rfc-destination configured in transaction IDX1 on PI side you get the error mentioned in your request.

I assume that in transaction IDX1 somebody configured the correct RFC-Destination.

I hope this clarification helps you to understand the error and the solution.

Kind regards,

Andreas Dahl