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Sender Mail Adapter with SAP Conversion agent

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have some1 used SAP conversion agent on attchment from XI Sender Mail adapter?

it seems to ignore the attchment of the e-mail

the sender configuration module tab is as follows :

1.localejbs/AF_Modules/PayloadSwapBean transform

2.localejbs/ CM mail

The paramters are

transform swap.keyName Content-Disposition

transform swap.keyName Content-Description

transform swap.keyValue attachment

transform swap.keyValue codeco


The Convesion Agnet runs prefectly when using the Conversion Agent engine

thx,Shai Rosenzweig

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I think the PayloadSwapBean does not recognize the attachment.

Use only one parameter and maybe you try content-type instead.

The parameter value needs only to be a substring, so you could enter the name of the attachment or the mime type only.



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the payload-name parameter with MailAttachment-1


solved that issue for one attachment

but it ignores other attachment so the conversion works for single attachment ( when I change the number like MailAttachment-2)

can I use wildcard so my conversion agent module will handle all attachments?



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An adapter module can only work with one payload or attachment. If you want to work with several attachments, you have to go through them one by one.

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Can I use the Zip module?